About Us

About Us

Here at Racingpilot, racing is in our blood. Owner Jack Webster has been and continues to work as a photographer and writer covering sports car races around the country and the world. In addition, he has worked as a team manager for a Porsche race team and crewman for an IndyCar team.  Due to his extensive background and experience in racing, he has developed a worldwide network of sources for unique and interesting motorsports items.

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Original Photography on eBay

Jack Webster has been working as a racing photographer since the early 1970's, covering everything road racing related including Formula One, Formula 5000, CanAm, TransAm, IMSA, American Le Mans and more. As he continues to go through his archives of color slides, color negatives and black and white negatives and gets them organized, he will continue to post these unique and one of a kind original images for sale on ebay. 

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